Psychological Methods and Statistics (UT Austin)

Lab Section Instructor: Spring 2024, Fall 2023, Spring 2023

Learning R will be useful no matter where you go next! Getting invested Day 1 helps motivation when coding gets challenging.
"Microscope" analogy to teach precision. A more precise instrument can help us detect even a small effect!
Self-reflection activity after the first major assessment; students make a plan for improvement.

Student feedback

"Shaina seems like she enjoys being a TA because she cares about teaching this course and cares about students." (mid-semester feedback)
"I appreciated her positive attitude and how much she cared about the students in our lab section. She was always helping everyone and never made them feel bad for being confused."
"Shaina is incredibly kind and knowledgeable, which means that she is super approachable and provides great feedback on all of our labs and project assignments."
"Shaina helped me tremendously with the semester project and was always available to answer questions. She is approachable and very good at explaining course material."
"She sent out a survey mid-semester soliciting feedback and then implemented suggestions, such as including review practice quiz questions for everyone to work on and suggestions/tips for studying for the quizzes. I’ve never had a better TA."

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