My research investigates when and why our emotions can be either helpful or harmful in social interactions. To address this question, my work considers underlying person-level (e.g., personality traits, age) and expression-level (e.g., specific emotions, language) factors which may influence how emotion is expressed and/or how individuals react.

This work uses a range of methodologies and tools, including experimental/survey design, analyses of archival datasets, language analysis (e.g., LIWC), multilevel modeling, and open science practices.

View a list of my publications here.

Check out some of my ongoing and completed research projects by clicking the links below!

Language and other measures used to study emotion

Do emotion word dictionary approaches correlate with other measures (e.g., self-report, facial expressions) often used to study emotion?

Emotional expression in couples' conflicts across the lifespan

Do expressions of sadness and anger impact older couples' perceptions of their relationships differently than younger couples?

Attention to own and others' emotion

Do individual differences in attention to one's own emotions relate to the interpretation of other people's facial expressions?


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