My goal as an instructor is to inspire students to feel invested in their learning by creating educational experiences which will foster students’ lasting personal and professional growth.
To this end, my teaching is guided by three core practices: (1) leading with and inspiring enthusiasm for the material, (2) creating a learning environment of support and encouragement, and (3) helping students nurture the professional skills they need to succeed. 

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Word cloud of positive student feedback from mid-semester and end-of-semester surveys

Courses Taught

Teaching Assistant Fundamentals (UT Austin)

Instructor of Record: Fall 2024

Graduate course; coming soon!

Personality (UT Austin)

Instructor of Record: Summer 2024

Students learn about how individuals differ from one another according to a variety of historical and modern theoretical perspectives. Activities build critical reasoning skills and application of material to understanding students' own personalities.

Psychological Methods and Statistics (UT Austin)

Lab Section Instructor: Spring 2024, Fall 2023, Spring 2023

Students apply statistical concepts in weekly labs and conduct a research project on a topic of interest. As lab instructor, I taught R coding and designed activities to scaffold students' preparation for the research project and other assessments.

Guest Lectures

Sentiment Analysis with Emotion Dictionaries

Spring 2024 (UT Austin)

Students learn about sentiment dictionaries and the important nuances to consider when interpreting emotion from text. In a group activity, students compare sentiment analyses to their own intuition and discover how word counting may miss out on context.

Theories of Personality

Fall 2023 (Southwestern University), Summer 2023 (UT Austin)

Students take a historical view of personality theories, from Psychodynamic Theory to the Big Five. In minute papers and discussions, students apply concepts to their own personalities and evaluate the effectiveness of theories in describing personality.


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